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    • Yeah, if your setup becomes corrupted and  PSO2 Meseta for sale you may no longer launching Phantasy Star Online 2, if you uninstall Phantasy Star Online 2 it is only going to uninstall the launcher but abandon just like 50GB of patches behind. It'll conceal these 50GB worth of documents in a file that takes away your admin rights so it's a fight to get in the folder and eventually delete everything. And you need to do this since Phantasy Star Online 2 won't replace the old files if you try to just reinstall Phantasy Star Online 2, since that will make too much sense, in order to wind up with your hard disk now being taken up by over 100GB using all the possibility of the primary problem still persisting so as soon as you shut Phantasy Star Online 2 you won't be able to launch it again.   There are several people saying this is just what every MMO launch resembles, but after spending half an hour troubleshooting yesterday I can confidently say it's the worst launch I have ever addressed. It is so much easier just to download and fanpatch the JP release and perform there because of just how fuckin' poor the Windows shop has screwed things up. Hell, you can alter a SINGLE CONFIG LINE in the JP launcher and it will download nearly the total US version. Someone caught on and took vital functionality out. It is infuriating that fucking WORKS and they decided to brick it. In addition to all of that, JP version has improved optimization, SOMEHOW has higher-quality visuals, and may actually be modded and tinkered with once it is successfully set up.   Phantasy Star Online 2 does not only eat 70 gigs on uninstall. If you attempt to patch Phantasy Star Online 2 and neglect, then have to restart, then opt to give up, then it is going to lock down that hard disk space twice, eating 140 gigs. If it merely fails double and you then power through, at times it eats that 140 plus Phantasy Star Online 2's normal setup for 210 gigs. It's completely unbelievable. In addition to that, I really feel like I need to emphasize the player count gap since you did not mention how many blocks there were. On ships 1 and 2, there were generally 2-3 stuffed blocks on Xbox, usually 1 on ship 3. I'm about the boat, number three, yesterday and blocks filled at highest inhabitants.   Even when all three boats were totally maxed and deadlocked so tough that entering your own personal room blocked you from returning they apparently still refuse to bring another three observable ships on the internet. I have been ranting and raving and pissy at Sega over the previous two weeks for treating the PC community like complete shit with this launch, and it is feeling really goddamn justified right now because the PC launch is a complete nightmare and they have been 100% quiet throughout all this. They spent the leadup to this system launch faking it did not exist, and boy does it show.   Just hoping to install or install Phantasy Star Online 2 is. I also tried eliminating the files according to advice I found online. My Microsoft Store program is brokenup, from working, like xbox and internet explorer of everything and some other microsoft programs stop. It is a complete pain in the ass to fix this and I am likely going to have to reset my OS just to correct this matter and  buy meseta pso2 have my PC back into the way it was before I installed NA PSO 2.
    • The issue is there is no cause for cheap mt nba 2k21 to correct the problems NBA 2K20 has. People today purchase the 2K money and boosts with cash every year for their players. If you receive a boatload of money 12, put in attempt? It is far better than it has been offline. And that is a good thing. However, the downside is that it online. Every team plays exactly the same, everyone cares a lot about animations and godsquads, fucking meme cards, same cards being released over and above but with more badges, the devaluation of HOF badges and badges in general to distinguish players. Oh and online lags like a bitch. But sure go right ahead and let 2K get away with this shit every year.   This guide is going to show players the best way to finish the Finals Spotlight Sim Challenges in NBA 2K20 and all of the rewards that can be earned. These challenges have players going in league history through a number of their finals show. These games provide players that prefer playing with some new content that is offline to undergo and enjoy.   NBA 2K20 Finals Spotlight Sim: 1970- 1979. This series of matches represents the challenges in the most early time period of the new content. Would be the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks as united they won four championships that decade. By winning these games all, players can earn a Galaxy Opal Dennis Johnson card as well as a Pink Diamond Willis Reed card. In addition to these cards, players will earn 45 tokens and 13,000 MT.   The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers dominate this series of games since they commanded the NBA. Playing with the Lakers will probably be a challenge as Magic Johnson is a difficult matchup for smaller point guards. Players using a larger point guard will fare much better at such matchups as they will have the ability to slow down Magic. So he will be the one these Celtics teams have been lead by Larry Bird. It is recommended that players use a forward that was little that was defensive to try and slow him down. Players who win these challenges all will make a diamond Michael Cooper card and also a Galaxy Opal Kevin McHale card. On top of this, players will earn 45 tokens and 13,000 MT.   As they won six championships throughout the 17, these games are against the Chicago Bulls. So players who use a bigger lineup will probably have an advantage against them, these teams tended to play a bigger lineup. Since the crime will flow through him, players should focus a lot of their attention on Micheal Jordan. These teams also tend to try and  how to buy mt in nba 2k21 score in the paint so focusing on this over stopping them from shooting will probably help players on defense. Completing these struggles will give players a diamond Horace Grant card along with also a Galaxy Opal Dennis Rodman card.  
    • I've return after a 3 year break to osrs and  buy OSRS gold has been seeking to earn some gp. My friend suggested me to do"shielded reverents" I've looked into exactly what it was since I stopped playing before revs where originally added. There are bunch of rs youtubers playing with clans for protection to do revs. If you try to perform it without security you receive pk'd later 2-3 rev kills. I am not sure if having greatest money making process available only by paying clans is good for RuneScape? How passed anyway? It appears so dumb that you just use some bracelet plus they do no harm to you.   I am sympathetic to the sentiment here to a degree, it is a shame that some content (especially in the wildy multi zones) is much harder as a solo RuneScape player. But it does not stand alone as the best money maker, and I think that this organically-generated dymanic of RuneScape player protection (that is quite widespread but isn't totally omnipresent) balances it pretty well concerning risk/reward overall and is only a part of the motive RuneScape is beautiful. I think that it fits in the wilderness. The problem is revs, it is they're able to conduct a protection racket out of it. Revs wasn't balanced in order to be farmed for seven days without being interrupted.   If the clansn't made BANK off individuals paying security, they would not bother locking down worlds for months at a time. It's a bizarre thing because in some ways it ought to be completely permitted, but it will completely ruin the balance - and nerfing it to stop protected ppl making bank would ruin it for everybody else. Perhaps slightly unpopular belief: I like the mafia shakedown protection ring aspect of it. Its the wilderness afterall. I just hate the security is supplied by people like RoT.   I mean that is the purpose of it. What's wrong with getting content that requires you to collect a team to do it? The issue isn't the caves that the challenge is a deficiency of clans which are strict on who will join that go there to do anything so its almost like a exclusive club. You are either in a pk clan with a bunch if bizarre and sometimes pointless requirements, or you're paying 10 mil minimum just to go pvm"safely" for a bit.   The community is retarded. Both for paying to kill and unemployment in revs revs. It's profit for certain if you spend dumb hours enjoying but it's really fucking dull and the protections clans literally give 0 fucks about you. You WILL die regardless of how you perish and you'll be taxed for some reason. The clans have massive ego's that they honestly shouldn't have however they are that annoying people will pay them only to  runescape 3 gold fuck off. They're literally meme.
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